[Trisquel-devel] OpenJDK/Java3d issues + freedom/security tradeoff

Felipe Sanches juca at members.fsf.org
Thu Dec 1 18:07:40 CET 2011

I am trying to run replicatorG in Trisquel 5.0, but I got a grey panel
instead of the 3d preview area. The replicatorG website (
http://replicat.org/ ) mentions that if one experience that issue, the
poprietary java instalation is needed. The problematic OpenJDK version in
Trisquel 5.0 is 6b22. My friend is using the previous version of Trisquel,
which has OpenJDK 6b20 and replicatorG renders 3d ok for him.

I manually downgraded my OpenJDK packages from 6b22 to 6b20 and now
replicatorG works fine. It seems that some code change between 6b20 and
6b22 introduced the issue that breaks java3d, the 3d library used to
implement the 3d preview area in replicatorG.

I could stick to the old version of OpenJDK in order to have a functional
replicatorG, but 6b22 has several security fixes for vulnerabilities in
6b20... :-(

How can we proceed to detect the code change (or whatever else) that
introduced the java3d incompatibility in the openjdk6b22 ? If that's not
fixed, several people in the DIY community (people who use replicatorG to
control 3D printers such as RepRap and the MakerBot ones) will be forced to
eigther give up freedom (by instaling oracle-java-jre) or expose their
machines to security risks (by sticking to old & vulnerable OpenJDK 6b20).

happy hacking,
Felipe Sanches
Garoa Hacker Clube
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