[Trisquel-devel] Publish Deb files following releases

Luis A. Guzmán García ark at switnet.org
Thu May 27 04:24:15 CEST 2010

>> Looking at this i was wondering, is there a chance that we could do
>> the same for the DEB releases of the Ubuntu kernel for Trisquel (and
>> Huru-buntu if still exists the idea).
> What is Huru-buntu?
>> So there could be bleeding edge release of Linux-libre for Trisquel &
>> Ubuntu Based distros. The freed-ebian (for Lenny branch) held to
>> linux-libre 2.6.26, and by now that linux-libre 2.6.34 is out, is
>> getting old and don't include the new changes of Linux-libre.
>> Any expert who like the idea? :P
> Well, I don't like it much myself. There is a problem when using the
> very last version of everything: the bleeding edge just bleeds.

I do prefer stable than bleeding, but in some special cases some bleeding
features could help to sight new compatibility.
Some new Toshiba laptops will require the bleeding features to work
> In the Trisquel case, we follow the upstream updates, which come too
> fast to my taste anyway -lucky they have the LTS versions-. Unless you
> have a very specific need related to your hardware or system
> performance, the standard kernel must work well and you shouldn't
> touch it. And if you really want to mess, you better have the skills.
Yeah, it's where these deb releases come in scene, so there is no great
need of skills if a updated kernel is needed.

> In Trisquel we publish a major update every ~6 months, so we are about
> two versions below the latest linux. And that's more or less the time
> needed to polish those kernel versions anyway. With the 4.0 version we
> will start shipping a deblobbed wireless-compat set of drivers -the
> latest wireless stack and drivers backported to our kernel- as an
> optional install. There are few other reasons for needing a newer
> kernel, so I think there's no need to have the latest version available.
> OTOH, if someone wants to make those images and maintain such a
> project, we would support it and include it in our repositories. But I
> hope if a hacker with the skills wants to spend some time helping us
> she chooses any of our other much more important pending tasks. :)
Yeah, i think to.
I thought that this task could be automatized, so there won't be much need
of attention (only if something changed).
In any case, let's keep the idea open if someone can settle it.

Luis A. Guzmán García
¡Se Libre! -- http://fsfla.org/selibre/

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