[Trisquel-devel] Trisquel 4.0 beta test report

roeplay at lavabit.com roeplay at lavabit.com
Tue May 25 06:47:11 CEST 2010

I have thoroughly tested the Trisquel 4.0 beta, and the following are
issues that need to be addressed:

-- YouTube + Greasemonkey add-on + script to embed Totem now fails to play
the videos correctly. Generally, they don't autoplay, and begin at 0
volume, and you have to wait until they are fully loaded before they will
play. I am assuming. It's unfortunate that no sure-fire method of playing
YouTube videos exists in Trisquel 4.0, as this will hurt our
distribution's adoption.
-- Can we do better than Google as the default search engine for Abrowser?
We would never use MS's Bing! engine, but for some reason, Google still
gets a pass. For the default search engine, I recommend Duck Duck Go
(http://duckduckgo.com/) Please disregard the "funny" name, because it's a
wonderful search engine as I have recently found out, and besides having
some of the cleanest and most ad-free search output I've ever seen, it has
the utmost respect for your privacy. It uses almost no cookies.
-- USB creator needs rebranding
-- Add/Remove Software list is littered with entries for game categories.
Can this simply be changed via config files?
-- Liferea's example feeds list should be cleared or at least modified to
fit our distro's philosophy
-- No bootup graphic
-- The panel is too wide (will this ever change, Ruben?)
-- The web browser in Preferred Applications is called "Firefox"
-- The multimedia player in Preferred Applications is "Custom (rhythmbox)"
-- In the help browser, left-clicking html links does not work (but
opening them using the right-click drop menu still works)

Overall, this is a promising beta and there are just a few things that
need to be polished before it is ready to be called a RC.

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