[Trisquel-announce] Trisquel 11.0 "Aramo" release announcement

Ruben Rodriguez ruben at trisquel.org
Wed Mar 22 15:39:22 UTC 2023


Our most ambitious release to date, Trisquel 11.0 "Aramo" is out! After 
extensive work and thorough testing, we are proud to declare Aramo to be 
production-ready. This release brings many improvements and covers more 
grounds both in terms of machines supported and in installation options. 
Here are some highlights of the main accomplishments included in this 

== Major achievements ==

  * New supported architectures. Following the addition of 32bit ARM 
support in Trisquel 10, we now introduce support for 64bit ARM and POWER 
architectures, to expand the options for hardware compatibility.
  * d-i/Netinstall (also called "debian-installer") is the text-mode 
installer for Trisquel, which allows for advanced and custom 
installations, often used for servers. After Ubuntu dropped support for 
this installation method, we stepped in to add any removed pieces and 
make it functional again, often from upstream Debian sources.
  * Browser packaging: as Ubuntu continues to shift towards snap 
packaging, we took on the task of continuing to package key components 
such as Abrowser (our improved Firefox derivative) as a standard .deb 
package. Abrowser continues to bring a fully free browser that balances 
privacy and usability.
  * Compatibility with AMD/ATI graphics cards. We made a specific effort 
to improve the support for these cards without requiring non-free 
firmware blobs. The result is a default configuration that should make 
most of these types of cards work at a basic level, without 2D/3D 
acceleration. Please report if you test it with one of those cards!

Aramo is based on Ubuntu 22.04LTS and will receive support until 2027. 
Users of Trisquel 10 Nabia can upgrade directly using the update-manager
or do-release-upgrade commands at a console terminal.

== Editions ==

  * Trisquel. We keep MATE (version 1.26 on this release) as the default 
desktop environment due to its great accessibility support, simple user 
interface and no dependency on 3D acceleration.
  * Triskel. Our KDE (v5.92) based edition now as mature as our MATE 
release is excellent for customizing the design and functionality in 
fine detail.
  * Trisquel Mini. Running LXDE (v0.99.2), the Mini edition is a 
lightweight desktop perfect for netbooks, old computers and users with 
minimal resource usage needs.
  * Trisquel Sugar or Trisquel On A Sugar Toast (TOAST): Based on the 
Sugar learning platform (v0.119), TOAST comes with dozens of educational 
activities for children.
  * Network installer image: To deploy with a command-line install 
interface, it is ideal for servers and advanced users who want to 
explore custom designed environments. GNOME users will be happy to find 
that Trisquel GNOME environment has been added to the tasksel step on 
the d-i installer.

In addition, this release had put some additional work on Budgie and 
Kylin alternative desktop environments for users that would like them to 
test them out, help us with some feedback.

== Upcoming changes ==

One pending task that will get into motion soon is the main website 
redesign and improvement on l10n support and as we transition to the 
trisquel.org domain.

During Aramo's lifespan we'll continue to improve installation support 
for ARM and POWERPC whose base rootfs are available at our cdimage archive.

With the continuous support form our community and contributors we will 
keep providing one of the best fully free operating systems, and tackle 
the big technical challenges ahead. Trisquel is a non-profit project, 
you can help sustain it by becoming a member, donating or buying from 
our store.

We can't finish this great release without thanking for all the donors 
that keep the project going, and to the hackers Amin Bandali, 
bill-auger, David L, David Philipe Gil, Denis "GNUtoo" Carikli, 
"dragestil", Francis Meetze, Jason Self, Joshua Aspinall , Keno Goertz, 
"knife", "Lappi", Legimet, Mason Hock, Pablo Correa, "Parodper", Simon 
Josefsson, and many others for all the code, patches, bug reports, 
translations, and advice. Special thanks to Luis "Ark74" Guzmán, for his 
very prolific contributions, and to the wonderful community that keeps 
the project going.
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