[Trisquel-announce] Trisquel 7.0 LTS Belenos released

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at trisquel.info
Mon Nov 3 22:41:38 CET 2014

Images are available at https://trisquel.info/en/download or directly at
http://cdimage.trisquel.info/ and its mirrors.

Release notes available online at

Version 7 of the Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution, codenamed Belenos
after a Celtic sun god, has been released. Belenos is a Long Term
Support release that will be maintained until 2019. Relevant new
packages and features include:

      * Kernel Linux-libre 3.13 with lowlatency and bfq scheduling by
      * Custom desktop based on GNOME 3.12 fallback.
      * Abrowser 33 (a free Firefox derivative) as default browser.
              * GNU IceCat 31 available as single-click optional install
                from Abrowser's homepage. Complete with many extra
                privacy features.
      * Electrum Bitcoin Wallet preinstalled.
      * Moved to DVD format, now with 50+ languages and extra
      * Improved accessibility by default.

Trisquel on a Sugar TOAST

Editions published today include the GNOME based standard edition, the
LXDE mini edition, and the now officially supported Trisquel on a Sugar
TOAST[1] edition, designed for kids 0 to 12. It features the Sugar
Learning environment and a preselection of educational activities.

New Website

The improvements don't stop at the software. We are also unveiling a new
website theme, cleaner and more modern, to match the streamlined style
of the release. This is just the first change in a series of
improvements that will focus on giving the users a better community

New development process

We are also making big changes to the development process, to make it
easier for the community to contribute. The new code management
website[2] allows users to clone the code, hack and request their
changes to be reviewed and merged. This is connected to a whole new
continuous integration build system that will keep the distro up to date
with less manual intervention.

Help sustain this effort

Trisquel is a non-profit community project. You can help keep this
project going by becoming a member[3], donating[4] or buying in our

1 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Trisquel_On_A_Sugar_Toast
2 https://devel.trisquel.info/
3 https://trisquel.info/member
4 https://trisquel.info/donate
5 https://trisquel.info/store

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