[Freedom-misc] Screencasting about free code apps

strypey at disintermedia.net.nz strypey at disintermedia.net.nz
Tue Mar 31 10:29:15 CEST 2020

I watched some videos demonstrating the UI of Patchwork (the Scuttlebutt app)  
and Aether and I'm inspired to start making some videos like these and  
posting them on a PeerTube channel. Just a screencast and a voiceover  
recorded in one take (I have a face for radio and I can't be bothered doing a  
lot of editing). I've had a bit of a search for screen recording software and  
I found this web-based tool that works brilliantly:

Sadly, I presume it relies on client-side scripts and I can't find source  
code for it. Here are some other tools that can be used for screen recording,  
but none of them are as convenient to use:

Any thoughts?

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