[Freedom-misc] Free Flash Player

xliang9550 at live.cn xliang9550 at live.cn
Sat Mar 28 04:50:08 CET 2020

Then simply follow the instructions. First install all necessary development  
packages (the package name ends with -dev). Then install the required tools  
(cmake, nasm, gcc, etc.). When these steps are done, extract the source code  
package and proceed with compiling and installation.

Ultimately, the advice to new users is to not watch Flash video on a  
free/libre GNU/Linux distribution. This job is too sophisticated for  
beginners (while keeping their freedom). At least one should know how to  
manually compile and install software packages from source code.

When you immediately understand the instructions on Lightspark project's  
readme file, you are ready to handle with the "sophisticated" job on a  
free/libre GNU/Linux distribution. But at that point, you probably no longer  
want to watch Flash video.

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