[Freedom-misc] [libreCMC] Can anyone help me with a router-behind-router setup?

mistahdarcy at gmail.com mistahdarcy at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 01:59:48 CET 2020

I haven't touched my firewall settings on the router besides port forwarding  
configuration. Using root as your default user is fine (I am) as long as  
you've changed the default password. SSH Access can be managed under System >  
Administration, default settings are adequate. If you want additional  
security you can add an OpenSSH key in the settings.

I can't guarantee that your spoofed MAC will be hidden from the ISP  
completely as I have no way of knowing for sure. I would *assume* you're fine  
just making the changes through LuCI. Again - I'm just a basic user and have  
learned everything I know about libreCMC by just experimenting myself.

My VPN WiFi hotspot is pretty straightforward. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model  
B running YunoHost (you could install it on any PC, doesn't have to be a Pi.  
Just need Ethernet and WiFi). Through the admin panel I installed "VPN  
Client" and added the config file from my VPN host. The other component is  
called "WiFi Hotspot" and is installed from the same admin panel. It  
automatically shares the VPN connection over WiFi. Very simple, but reliable  
setup. Whenever internet goes out or I need to reboot, it automatically comes  
back up with no hassle. As a bonus it functions as a PirateBox when there's  
no net.

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