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Fri Mar 27 17:08:37 CET 2020

These are the instructions, which I found from the README.md file, to build  
and install Lightspark:

Building and Installation

To compile this software you need to install development packages for:
* opengl
* curl
* zlib
* libavcodec
* libavresample
* libglew
* pcre
* librtmp
* cairo
* libboost-filesystem,
* sdl2
* sdl2_mixer
* libjpeg
* libavformat
* pango
* liblzma

If JIT compilation using llvm is enabled (this is disabled by default),
you also need the development packages for llvm (version 2.8 or >= 3.0)

If compiling the PPAPI (Chromium) plugin is enabled (on by default), keep in  
mind that
it will replace the Adobe Flash plugin, as only one flash plugin is allowed  
in Chromium.

Also install the following tools:
* cmake
* nasm
* gcc (version 4.6.0 or newer) or clang

To build the software please follow these steps.

cd lightspark
mkdir obj
cd obj
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
sudo make install
As I'm a new user of GNU/Linux, could you please advise how to proceed?

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