[Freedom-misc] Multi-monitor setup on x200

behmen at protonmail.com behmen at protonmail.com
Fri Mar 27 11:00:03 CET 2020

 >Because it's impossible to impose DRM on VGA (analog) output

I didn't know this, but ultimately as someone running Trisquel, wouldn't DRM  
already be blocked. I know because DRM-y things like Netflix do not run on my  
machine (Not that I care really).

 >hardware manufacturers have been forcing users to switch to digital output.

How is DRM enforced through digital outputs? Is there a mechanism within the  
way that the port works? Does it scan the output leaving the computer and  
determine whether DRM applies?

 >I still keep a pair of 1-GiB DDR for it (if I could get one).

Best of luck finding your elusive ThinkPads!

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