[Freedom-misc] [libreCMC] Can anyone help me with a router-behind-router setup?

gs3fsa4s at keemail.me gs3fsa4s at keemail.me
Thu Mar 26 13:26:03 CET 2020

First of all thank you for this helpful reply!

Did you do any changes in terms of security and/or firewall? Default login  
for the webinterface is root, should I create a user instead? Also do I have  
to set restrictions for SSH access? Just some concerns I have due to lack of  

By "spoofing the MAC address before connecting the router" I meant spoofing  
before connecting it to the ISP router. Already connected the router to my  
laptop and flashed the latest firmware. I just don't want the ISP router to  
log the WNDR3800 MAC address. So changing the MAC for the WAN interface would  
be necessary to achieve this, correct? Simply editing the interface in LuCI  
will do the trick?

I initially bought the WNDR3800 to run OpenVPN but realized the CPU is way  
too weak for decent speeds. Could you give me some info on your VPN WiFi  
hotspot setup?

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