[Freedom-misc] Multi-monitor setup on x200

behmen at protonmail.com behmen at protonmail.com
Thu Mar 26 04:32:51 CET 2020

I did some research but was unable to find the bandwidth of the GM45  
integrated graphics, here are some links I found:



I also saw somewhere that DisplayPort can support up to 4K resolutions. I  
failed to mention in the first post that my screen is only 1080p. Maybe since  
I'm using below the theoretical threshold of the DisplayPort I might get it  

I also do not use my laptop screen while connected to the 1 monitor I  
currently have, so the laptop screen is set to 'blank' in MATE settings.  
Would this mean that my laptop screen is not one of my displays and therefore  
doesn't use the GM45's resources?

If possible I was trying to avoid VGA as it's maximum resolution is quite  
low, but it may be the only choice.

Thanks for the replies! I might just buy a splitter first, try using monitor  
+ tvscreen, and only buy another monitor if those work together.

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