[Freedom-misc] [libreCMC] Can anyone help me with a router-behind-router setup?

mistahdarcy at gmail.com mistahdarcy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 04:00:07 CET 2020

Not an expert here, just a casual user, but...

1. Does libreCMC have sane defaults? I am not familiar with most of the  
features and want to know if the defaults are secure and sane.

I would say yes. I've been using it for over a year now with no issues. Every  
now and then you have to manually flash a new firmware update. That's about  
it. Using the software tab you can easily install packages like DynamicDNS or  
an adblocker - all easily configurable through Luci (the web interface).

2. Before I connect the routers I would like to spoof the mac address of the  
WNDR3800. How can I achieve this?

Well you need to connect to the router itself to change settings. After  
connecting to the hotspot (or direct connecting through ethernet) you access  
the router at To spoof your MAC go to Network > Interfaces,  
select your interface (LAN/WAN, whatever you want to change), Advanced  
Settings > Override MAC Address. The web interface is honestly is very very  
easy to use. You can see the option referenced in the image below.

3. LAN to WAN would be the way to go for my setup, right? What do I have to  
change in the LuCI web interface in order to make the whole thing work and  
isolate the networks?

Yes. You should just be able to plug in your libreCMC router to the other  
router and have it working right away after you go through your initial setup  
(SSID name, passwords, etc.). I have a raspberry pi connected to my libreCMC  
router that creates a VPN wifi hotspot separate from the main router, so it  
should work the same.

Hope that helps!

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