[Freedom-misc] Multi-monitor setup on x200

behmen at protonmail.com behmen at protonmail.com
Wed Mar 25 18:31:14 CET 2020

I have an HP monitor that I have been using with my x200. I have the  
'powerdock' or whatever it is called where there is a displayport output, but  
since my monitor doesn't have a displayport I have a male DP to male HDMI  
cable that has been working pretty well. I was wondering if I were to buy 1  
or 2 more of the same monitor, a splitter and use them together would it  

My concerns are:

Would I need an HDMI splitter or a DisplayPort splitter?

Are there any freedom-issues to take into consideration with a splitter? (I  
assume not but idk)

Does Trisquel elegantly handle a multi-monitor setup? Would I have to install  
any packages to get things working?


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