[Freedom-misc] Skylake integrated graphics' DP output

xliang9550 at live.cn xliang9550 at live.cn
Wed Mar 25 06:06:37 CET 2020

There is another possibility. There are as many as three video output ports  
on my P50 (one Thunderbolt, one mini DP and one HDMI), and each port has  
different priority. The port I used was the mini DP (I don't have a Type-C to  
(mini)DP converter), which had a lower priority, so the display attached to  
it was considered the 3rd display. Since the integrated graphics support up  
to 3 displays including the notebook panel, chances are that 2nd display  
doesn't require firmware but 3rd display does.

I tried both very old kernel (4.15 in Trisquel 8) and very new kernel (5.4 in  
Debian sid). The display just blinked once before entering the graphical  
login interface, and it's not recognized in Control Center -> Displays. The  
display was, however, recognized under Ubuntu or Mint.

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