[Freedom-misc] Skylake integrated graphics' DP output

xliang9550 at live.cn xliang9550 at live.cn
Wed Mar 25 02:46:19 CET 2020

Before I purchased this ThinkPad P50, I knew that Skylake's integrated  
graphics required firmware, but I wasn't sure whether such firmware was  
required to support dual display output.

I also purchased a very low-end Skylake mini desktop PC to test VT-d and  
IOMMU. The mini PC worked smoothly without non-free firmware (only one  
display). I planned to recommend Skylake to community for security's sake  
(VT-d was generally supported starting Skylake, both chipset and CPU), but  
this time I may want to think twice before purchasing another Skylake mini  
PC. Maybe I can choose those slighter bigger ones with MXM graphics card  
slot, so I could install a GM107 card (e.g. Quadro M1200-M).

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