[Freedom-misc] Free Flash Player

kwojtus at protonmail.com kwojtus at protonmail.com
Wed Mar 25 00:30:41 CET 2020

I once read that the problem with flash is that even if one had a free (as in  
freedom) flash player, then that player would be executing nonfree software  
sent by the website (as is the case with proprietary javascript). Idk how  
flash works inside and whether something as simple as just watching a video  
through it actually involves executing some downloaded crap, but if You wish  
to avoid nonfree code, then be careful with it.

How about video-downloaders? Youtube-dl supports downloading videos from  
dozens of websites (for some time it also tries to execute website's  
javascript in hope of getting a video it doesn't otherwise know how to obtain  
- you could try https://libregit.org/heckyel/hypervideo instead). There also  
used to be browser extensions like 'HTML5 Video Everywhere' that were  
supposed to allow viewing of videos without all that js and flash crap.  
Finally, there are websites, that allow downloading online videos and they  
might sometimes work where those earlier methods don't... These perhaps  
shouldn't be recommended, as they are SaaSS (Service as a Software  
Substitute), but I'm not sure... If a website downloads a video for You, then  
maybe it's more of a "Service as a Service Substitute"? ;)
Still, most of such websites would either require javascript to operate or  
throw ReCaptcha at You (or both) :/

Btw, what site is it You need to watch the video from? Or is it something You  
don't want to/cannot say?

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