[Freedom-misc] Free Flash Player

behmen at protonmail.com behmen at protonmail.com
Tue Mar 24 18:38:11 CET 2020

Flash is a disgusting piece of software riddled with bugs and exploits. Most  
proper websites have already discontinued using it. Browsers like Chrome are  
officially removing flash from their browsers this year.

I would recommend that you find an alternative to Flash for your own sake. If  
you can find the same video on a different website perhaps.

Gnash is super old from what I remember and it doesn't run all that well even  
when it works. You might need to install actual Flash from the official site  
to run the video you want. Seeing as you are on Ubuntu and not Trisquel, it  
should be easy enough to install that stuff with non-free stuff in Ubuntu.

Again I recommend you avoid Flash like its Covid-19

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