[Freedom-misc] Skylake integrated graphics' DP output

xliang9550 at live.cn xliang9550 at live.cn
Tue Mar 24 10:17:25 CET 2020

I connected an external LCD via DP to my portable workstation. When under  
hybrid graphics (Optimus) mode, the external display was not recognized under  
Trisquel or Debian. However, it was recognized under Ubuntu or Mint (for  
testing purposes only), though I had to go to Control Center -> Displays and  
then manually "turn on" the display. Once turned on, the display worked  
properly. Does this mean that certain (non-free) firmware is required to  
support dual display on Skylake integrated graphics?

My workaround is to switch to discrete graphics mode (to disable the  
integrated graphics when I need to use external displays). The discrete  
graphics card (Nvidia Quadro M2000M, GM107GL-M) seems to work correctly  
without non-free firmware.

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