[Freedom-misc] video chat software

theodore.holtom at btinternet.com theodore.holtom at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 22 15:43:32 CET 2020

What about Icecast? I've never used it myself but someone recommended it to  
me for consideration.

I'm using GNU Jami fairly regularly for voice / video calls and simultaneous  
text chat including exchanging photos. It works great for 1-to-1  
communication but I wish it would offer a screen share option which could be  
very good for 1-to-1 tutoring and other comms during covid-19. For some  
applications one can get by with photos but for giving a business / other  
presentation, going through many pages, then screen share would be useful.

I am using Trisquel but the other party is using an Android phone with Jami  
downloaded via the F-droid free software repository (as opposed to play).

I would recommend making sure there is a strong wifi connection or wired  
network connection for video calls. We found that weak connection from a room  
distant from the antenna reswulted in failed calls. That can obviously just  
be down to the user wifi service but I suggest if you have problems then  
first troubleshooting might involve checking network rates.

I have heard that Icecast is a free software alternative to Jitsi / Jitsi  
Meet but I am not sure whether it can be so user friendly. Certainly user  
friendliness is important in order to offer the General Public (the GP) a  
free software alternative in case they find proprietary terms and conditions  
of zoom or whatsapp to be onerous, or from some persons' perspective  

Has anyone experience of Icecast, compared with Jitsi? I have heard from  
another interested party that whilst "JS code is in fact free software, the  
files sent to the browser are not labeled with their licenses, so one would  
need to override LibreJS if you care about that". If I understood correctly  
that person recommended Icecast for broadcasting a video presentation whilst  
possibly using Mumble for audio communications.

I'm supposing the guys doing LibrePlanet conferences might know about this  
sort of thing but I have not been involved in that (I wish I had more time to  
spend on free software balanced with other life requirements and priorities).

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