[Freedom-misc] my laptop does not boot after modified something grub

kwojtus at protonmail.com kwojtus at protonmail.com
Fri Mar 20 14:56:45 CET 2020

Biggest difference between the 2 (from the user's perspective) is that  
traditional bios loads and executes some first 446 bytes from chosen disk's  
MBR (Master Boot Record - sector at the beginning of the disk), which are  
supposed to contain your bootloader's initial code. The bootloader then loads  
the rest of itself and loads it's configuration file from appropriate  
filesystem. With coreboot/libreboot a payload (in this case - GRUB) as well  
as it's config are loaded from computer's ROM.

This way coreboot/libreboot allows you to have your entire hard drive  
encrypted ;)

So when You install Trisquel (or other distro) using an automated installer,  
I think (I never actually installed Trisquel this way) it shall also install  
grub in MBR, despite MBR not being used... Nevertheless, this won't cause  
problems by itself.

My strategy was to modify the GRUB config in cbfs to first ask for password  
to decrypt the first partition on my hard drive and then load another config  
from there. This way, I could do further changes to GRUB menu without  
re-flashing the ROM again :) (Although it required me to use GRUB command  
line when I forgot about it and wiped the partition later)

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