[Freedom-misc] my laptop does not boot after modified something grub

softwdensky at disroot.org softwdensky at disroot.org
Wed Mar 18 12:41:56 CET 2020

I generally followed this instruction.
And the X60 does not boot after that. Or it might boot and it might not load  
it. Anyway it did not and does not load the installed Trisquel 8. I  
reinstalled Trisquel 8 again on it. I could use a bootable USB key to use  
"try Trisquel without installing" or something like that to install it again.  
After installed it, it did not boot nor load the re-installed OS neither.  
Libreboot or grub or something requires a passphrase which I think I have not  
set when it boots or loads.
Is external flashing only way to make it normal state again? Thank you very  

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