[Freedom-misc] Funny article - EMACS vs vi - The endless geek holy war

andyprough at protonmail.com andyprough at protonmail.com
Fri Mar 13 15:59:43 CET 2020

I ran into this very funny article from 2001 yesterday, covering the first 20  
years of the emacs vs vi holy war:  

An emacs user described how to use vi in 4 easy steps:

1. Procure fish, any kind, length > 12 inches
2. Freeze it overnight
3. Sit in front of PC, run vi
4. Holding fish by the tail, smash it repeatedly against your forehead until  
you decide to give EMACS a try because the fish scales are flying around your  
head and it’s starting to ache.

A vi user responded by adding a step prior to the first 4 steps:
"Type ’emacs’ before step 1, so that by the time step 4 is done, it will  
have finally finished loading."

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