[Freedom-misc] Wiby - Search Engine For Classic Websites

superbyelich at yahoo.com superbyelich at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 13 02:15:22 CET 2020

I love wiby.me!  I thought I had posted about it on these forums before, but  
I guess not.  I submit pages to it all the time, it's been something I've  
been finding to be very fun.

I feel like I've found the old web again because of it.  It's fun to do a  
random search and then just follow the rabbit trail down all the links like  
the old days!

It also shows that Web "1.0" never really died it just got obscured by all  
the corporate websites like "facesmack" and "twittle".

It's also inspired me to make a website that I'm currently working on as  

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