[Freedom-misc] Thinking of developing free software... but...

commodore256 at gmail.com commodore256 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 18:17:07 CET 2020

Well, I feel it has to be code, but I have one problem, I don't get it and to  
me programming feels like a magic box, but for some odd reason, I feel if I  
can "touch" the hardware via assembly language, it feels less mystified, so  
that tells me my best bet to actually understanding it is a bottom-up  
approach and I might have to go deeper than (Free)DOS development or  
development for an old console via a libre emulator, but maybe actual logic  
gates. Is there a way I can emulate a FPGA without an FPGA via free software  
or even interfacing with an FPGA via free software? And maybe once I'm good  
with assembly, I could go with higher level abstractions.

What do you guys think? I think I find it very weird that I feel ASM is  
easier, maybe I have a physical mindset, when I was a kid, technology was  
something you can touch, you could touch every part of a car, you could touch  
every part of a TV (though it would be a good idea to discharge your flyback  
before doing so or you could electrocute yourself) It was there, it was  

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