[Freedom-misc] fsf stop endorsing purism start criticizing it

behmen at protonmail.com behmen at protonmail.com
Tue Mar 10 23:41:32 CET 2020

Purism has definitely been misleading by trying to claim that their products  
are free, when they use intel i-gen cpus.

I think what purism is doing is not bad or malicious, their computers are  
still a whole lot free-er than windows or mac, their phone is free-er than  
iphone or android.

They are moving free software forward in my humble opinion, simply by  
capitalizing on the market formed by free software enthusiasts. It seems  
there is more demand for free software nowadays, and purism laptops were the  
first 'free' laptops I came across when i was switching from windows.

As long as they are making progress, and each new machine they make is  
free-er than the last, I'll take the improvements.

That being said I don't own any purism products, and don't recommend them at  
this point in time. 

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