[Freedom-misc] Cortès & Wingo

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Mon Mar 9 06:17:24 CET 2020

Just going to clarify, your tone of your text that you write usually seems a  
bit, angry. Like I am bothering you.




I am only replying once more for now... how do you know redhat isnt putting  
non-free stuff into systemd secretly, its never been audited even once.  
Aren't you curious if its as good as you think it is, don't you think it  
should be auditted?

By the way,  I did say one thing I disagree with on the article, a libre BSD  
is a good choice for Hyperbola. Meaning techrights was wrong that escaping  
linux for Hyperbola was not the right move.

The fsf isn't corrupt, its just misguided sometimes for that reason I  
mentioned, aka freedom restricting free licensed software.  You cannot deny  
that it isn't possible for even AGPL3 licensed software to be used this way.  
Yes it would be hard, but its still possible.

By the way, despite our huge differences of thinking, this made me smile:

"Or I cannot prove that officials of the Democratic Party are not having sex  
with children in a pizzeria. That does not make any of those claims"

This myth made me laugh like a maniac when i heard it. This sounded like such  
an obvious lie. :P

Yes, i suppose you would see what I say as hateful, and maybe sometimes it  
is, but yeah, I don't think you can say I am the only one. sometimes you come  
across as pissed off too.

Anyways just wanted to clarify one other thing though,

If you read through the article, you would have agreed with some of it.


Up to you, if you wish to read this one, or any, for that matter, but I do  
have to say, even if you disagree on redhat or w/e

No source is wrong 100% of the time. Not yet anyways...

Even Donald Jackass Trump. ;P

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