[Freedom-misc] Excellent interview with Hyperbola co-founder on why they are making a libre BSD kernel, and other stuff

zapper at dismail.de zapper at dismail.de
Sun Mar 8 18:56:56 CET 2020

I saw this a week or so ago, I look forward to this project even having an  
alpha, let alone a beta or stable even!

I will try it out on a computer i don't use often probably till its more  

(Like beta style stability to start with)

Anywho, it is a shame no one has had the guts to try this sooner. ;)

But maybe its for the better this way, a fully free bsd will be very tricky  
due to all the non-free nonsense within it... and we need someone who is  
actually competent to audit the whole damn thing to be able to make it fully  
libre. :)

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