[Freedom-misc] Freedom-friendly ways to access Twitter

rfb at libertymail.net rfb at libertymail.net
Sun Mar 8 18:41:49 CET 2020

Hello there,

I am looking for ways to access and post on Twitter without running any  
non-free software. So far, I used the mobile Web client, which does not  
require non-free JavaScript (JS) to function. However, some features are  
missing (or require to run non-free JS). So, I looked at desktop clients but  
could not find one that was working properly or one that was actively  

My question is: how do you access Twitter (if you access it at all)?

For information, the Twitter account that I have is for professional use only  
(I have a Mastodon account under a nickname for my personal usage). Thus, I  
do not want to bridge this Mastodon account with that Twitter account. 

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