[Freedom-misc] Why/How does Richard Stallman use Jitsi?

jamest400 at elude.in jamest400 at elude.in
Sat Mar 7 06:02:31 CET 2020

I saw on an interview that Richard Stallman uses "Jitsi" for a lot of calls.  
I can not find a way to use Jitsi without using non-free JavaScript, does  
anyone know if there is a way? Or does Richard Stallman just make an  
exception with Jitsi for online interviews? I like the app, but I am  
surprised RS uses it at all, being it seems like the most "non-free" libre  
calling app that exists (as it uses non-free JS, WebRTC etc,..).

Jami has been my go-to, but if there is a way to use jitsi with apps like  
LibreJS, or with just free-software, it would be really nice.


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