[Freedom-misc] How To LibreBoot T60 (Easy/Simple Commands)

jamest400 at elude.in jamest400 at elude.in
Sat Mar 7 05:49:40 CET 2020

Libreboot's website is not very simple for a beginner, so I wanted to  
simplify it (because it is actually pretty easy when flashing an X60 and a  

Step One, Buy Thinkpad T60: These are very cheap, you can even find some for  
as low as $20 Bucks.

Step Two, Flash Trisquel 9 by usb: Do this prior to Libreboot, just hold Ctrl  
and F12 to bring up the USB boot options, and select the USB with Trisquel  
(assuming you have your USB plugged in that has been flashed with Trisquel).  
Install the OS, and all updates/upgrades and proceed to step three.

Step Three, plug in an Ethernet cable, and go to libreboot.org and download  
the util and grub: Select the mirror on the download page (any will do, if in  
U.S., just select the first U.S. mirror, if in U.K. select the U.K. mirror  
etc..). Then click "stable" and then "2016097" (or newest directory). Then  
download the "utils tar.xz." Now go into rom and select "grub" and choose the  
"T60.tar.xz," after downloading extract the files.

Step Four, Select the Rom: Go into the Grub folder and select the rom you  
want (U.S. for U.S. etc.., any will do) by moving it to the utils folder.

Step 5, First Flash: Now open up your terminal and type the following (make  
sure to insert the rom you moved from grub where implied below):

sudo ./flash i945lenovo_firstflash [your rom you chose from grub]

After you press enter you will see errors like the example below:

"(...) failed during command execution at address 0x1f0000
Your flash chip is in an unknown state

That means you did it right! Now type "sudo shutdown now" and then when you  
start back up you should have libreboot!... but there is still one more step.

FINAL STEP, second flash: Open up the terminal and type the following:

sudo ./flash i945lenovo_secondflash [insert the same rom you added on first  

That is it! you now have a free (as in freedom) computer! You may want to  
switch out the wifi cards though (since Trisquel will not work with the  
proprietary WIFI chips). If you did mess up on any of the steps above, refer  
to this link on libreboot's website:  

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