[Freedom-misc] Re : Cortès & Wingo

lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br
Tue Mar 3 03:35:28 CET 2020

It's fine to disagree, but to hate constantly is not okay.  This is what  
divides the free software community.

Indeed.  All those haters who spend most of their free times writing that Red  
Hat is the demon, that Mozilla is evil, that whole programming languages  
(Java, Rust, etc.) are crap, who make groundless accusations about "non-free  
stuff" in systemd, about backdoors in openpilot, about the FSF being corrupt,  

But how do you know there isn't truth to them?

I have already replied in  
https://trisquel.info/forum/cort%C3%A8s-wingo#comment-147076 : "the  
accusation has the burden of the proof".  Sure, I cannot prove that the FSF  
is not corrupt.  Nobody can.  In the same way, I cannot prove that there is  
no monster in the Loch Ness.  Or I cannot prove that officials of the  
Democratic Party are not having sex with children in a pizzeria.  That does  
not make any of those claims "truths".  Those who pretend such things exist  
are those who are to provide convincing evidences.  Demanding such evidences  
before believing in the claims is not being closed-minded.  It is being  

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