[Freedom-misc] Re : Cortès & Wingo

lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br lcerf at dcc.ufmg.br
Tue Mar 3 02:54:53 CET 2020

I never said they were bastards

I never wrote you did.  Techrights did.

Also, I don't think you are sorry.

I am sorry for you: like Techrights, you visibly have a hard time writing  
about any computing topic without mentioning Red Hat, systemd, etc.  Even  
when it is completely out of topic.  The message you have just written is one  
more example of that.

Open your mind man why would corporations want to support freedom?

That also has little to do with the topic (the FSF).  I will answer that one  

Software companies, like all other companies, want to make money.  Open your  
eyes (it is useful to see the "truth"): for many years, the free software  
market (businesses usually talk about the "open source market") has been  
among the more thriving segment of the software industry.  Its current annual  
growth exceeds 9% (far more than the rest of the industry).  See  
https://cnll.fr/media/2019_CNLL-Syntec-Systematic-Open-Source-Study.pdf for a  
recent study, which focuses on France (I am French) but gives as well  
worldwide numbers (slides 6 and 7).  Slide 20 reports on answers to the  
question "What are your motivations for using Open Source in your company?".   
The most common answers actually deal with freedom.  The three take-away  
messages on that slide are:

* Open Source facilitates customization and specific development which  
organizations need to improve their customers’ experience.  Independence  
remains a key criterion.
* In the 2017 study, cost reduction was the first driver for using Open  
Source.  In 2019, the main drivers are customization and technological  
* We are currently seeing an increase in the reliability and security offered  
by Open Source.

As for techrights being reputable, I don't think you can say they aren't  
without being closed-minded.

I maintain my position: a source that propagates conspiracy theories (again:  
where are the evidences that the FSF "takes bribes", "is 'pwned' by  
corporations" and "lying"?) and whose main arguments are insults ("bastards",  
"idiots", "scumbag", etc.) is not reputable.

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