[Freedom-misc] Cortès & Wingo

zapper at dismail.de zapper at dismail.de
Mon Mar 2 17:00:27 CET 2020

I would like it if you would be more civil, from reading that, I feel your  
scoffing. It's fine to disagree, but to hate constantly is not okay.

This is what divides the free software community.

You say fake news about my previous quote and refer to my stuff as so called  
"conspiracy theories"

But how do you know there isn't truth to them? No one has ever auditted  
systemd's entire code base because it keeps evolving. So its possible some  
non-free stuff gets into it.

Btw, never say fake news if possible, thats a russian propaganda tool to  
prevent stuff from getting done and not allowing things to change for the  

Why do you think trump says that whenever someone points out something he  
does wrong?

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