[Freedom-misc] Cortès & Wingo

zapper at dismail.de zapper at dismail.de
Mon Mar 2 16:55:27 CET 2020

I never said they were bastards, I said they were evil, (that's what i meant  
by saying they were like a demon.)

Also, I don't think you are sorry.  I also, don't get why you are always so  
hateful, you remind me of the same people who deny climate change.

Open your mind man why would corporations want to support freedom?

Redhat for instances is non-free even more so then fedora, centos and gentoo.  
  So yeah, I think you are closed-minded.

I am sure systemd has useful stuff for developers, but for the average user,  
openrc is way better.  I have used openrc alot and it works very efficiently  
and its easy.

Debian was right not to use sysvinit by itself, but it shouldve looked more  
closely at openrc.  Sad but true.

As for techrights being reputable, I don't think you can say they aren't  
without being closed-minded.

Its like how some people say cnn and msnbc are fake news more often then not  
about their truth about trump being a dangerous individual who breaks the law  
constantly. No, they may have weaknesses, but about trump they are absolutely  
telling the truth.

So yeah, the truth is more complex than that.

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