[Freedom-misc] Openpilot

softwdensky at disroot.org softwdensky at disroot.org
Mon Mar 2 11:01:03 CET 2020

 > Uber or Lyft


 > they require proprietary software.

That's why I mind to use ths system. If I could secure anonimaty, I would  
want to use them occasionally, though.

 > disabled people have to
stay at home and poor people have to go into debt to get to work.

Buses and trains are like sardine cans in some areas of Japan. But surely the  
decent bus system seems to be a good or maybe the best solution at present.  
Hope double pay and half working time will solve all this kind of issues in  
the future.
I did not know that that is a that serious issue in the U.S.. I had heard of  
that vaguly though, like the U.S. is large, so everyone needs a car.

 > Cars/traffic kill every two years more people than were killed in action in  
Vietnam 1955–1975 (American casualties).

I have been thinking that a traffic accident is the current best way to fill  
thanatos. I would not say that every driver would aim for it, it is a  
sensitive issue, though. Some of them would have commited the crime  
In Japan, in the lightest case, we can commit murder by paying less than  
1,000,000 yen fine or less than 7 years in prison. 

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