[Freedom-misc] Openpilot

softwdensky at disroot.org softwdensky at disroot.org
Mon Mar 2 07:49:47 CET 2020

 > They are a huge burden on the poor and
the disabled,

I might agree. The sharing system seems to be quite well developped in our  
country, though.

 > and they are a waste of money for the middle class.


 > Worst case scenario it could be a great teaching tool for artificial  
intelligence as a whole.

Software developers might be able to compete for kind of AI GT cars races. It  
would not require huge money unlike Formular 1. AI cars races would be fun to  
watch regardless of classes of cars from F1 to Prius than installing the  
system on my car. I think those cars may be faster than human.

The AI would drive very better than most people though. It might be safer for  
me. I only have a scooter. Nasty drivers are not that rare. 

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