[Freedom-misc] Cortès & Wingo

Caleb Herbert csh at bluehome.net
Mon Mar 2 05:25:01 CET 2020

On 2/29/20 6:47 PM, jason at bluehome.net wrote:
> Yes, and he will remain as such. In order to frustrate efforts any
> efforts to commandeer important things like the website, administrative
> access to gnu.org is currently restricted to 3 people: RMS, myself, and
> one other person. Because of this I expect this attempt to storm the
> castle will ultimately fail. They revealed their hand too soon. This
> provided time to secure critical project infrastructure away from them.

Your general levelheadedness and all the important work you do still has
me in awe.

Caleb Herbert
(816) 892-9669

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