[Freedom-misc] A Jami alternative / Take 2

bobandrew at planetmail.net bobandrew at planetmail.net
Mon Jun 29 10:15:07 CEST 2020

Matrix is federated, so it ought to be more stable than Jami by design.

According to my own experimentations I would not call the current  
implementations stable though.

Besides, the registering process is not one-step: in my experience, one needs  
to register somewhere (on the server's registration page) and to log in  
somewhere else (on the Riot web interface for instance), which for many end  
users is enough of a hurdle to abandon ship.

Also this: "Unfortunately, AFAIK the only version of Riot available for  
desktop GNU/Linux is the web app deployed in an Electron wrapper, and the UX  
of the web app isn't as good as Riot-Android" (from stripey, in the thread  
you mentioned).

I would still recommend Matrix, but for the time being only for users who  
would not mind tweaking and beta testing.

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