[Freedom-misc] an ethical web hosting service

msuzuqi at posteo.net msuzuqi at posteo.net
Mon Jun 22 17:41:06 CEST 2020

I see. So maybe I should break the contract with them till the next  
expiration. But why are you stating such a thing calmly?? The one of the main  
contributors of this forum is stating that "I have had a good experience with  
which runs such a server which has Intel ME inside of it for their service.  
Is not that a problem?? What kind of a good experience he had with them? Or  
have they recently changed the sever from something corebooted machines or  
something to the Xeon machines? Indeed as Jaret says, it seeems that it is  
impossible to find the eethical or nooormal provider. Or running those Intel  
secure machines for business use, which seems even securer than normal  
low-end machines for the general public from your writing, could not a be  
problem? I really don't understand. 

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