[Freedom-misc] an ethical web hosting service

msuzuqi at posteo.net msuzuqi at posteo.net
Sat Jun 20 15:42:10 CEST 2020

 > With Vultr you use them to deploy a virtual server on desired location  
(Tokyo for example). The cheapest subscription plan with IPv4 enabled should  
be more than enough. Then you choose the OS for your virtual server, Debian  
and OpenBSD can be fully free/libre if no proprietary software is installed.  
Then you go to your domain name registrar and associate your Vultr virtual  
server's IP with your domain name. You connect to your virtual server using  
SSH and you run Certbot, web server, mail server on your virtual server.  
That's how Vultr works.

It may sounds not impossible, though,

 > If you want the server hosting to be run on corebooted machines with  
Trisquel OS, that may be very hard to find.

This is the problem... if I see what a web hosting service uses the set for  
their servers, I would be able to trust them without reading their privacy  
policy. Ungh anyway thank you.

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