[Freedom-misc] an ethical web hosting service

msuzuqi at posteo.net msuzuqi at posteo.net
Sat Jun 20 14:52:07 CEST 2020

Thank you. However, as far as I took a glance at their privacy policy:
I did not feel that I can fully trust their service.
And it seemed something different from my needs, that like I just past a html  
page that I made myself on a webpage that they give me and that already has  
an URL and HTTPS or something like that. And it uses Corebooted machines or  
Talos or something as their servers, etc... They use the latest Intel CPU for  
their servers. Is that reliable?

 > Automatic certificate renewal can be done with Certbot.

Yes I installed Certbot (maybe)before I got a domain. And if I understand or  
remember correctly, Certbot requires a server which has a hostname before it  
gives me the certification. So the procedure has been suspending very much. 

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