[Freedom-misc] an ethical web hosting service

msuzuqi at posteo.net msuzuqi at posteo.net
Sat Jun 20 12:17:52 CEST 2020

Hello, I am still stuck for setting my own server to host my own website. Or  
rather, I already gave up it.


I got a domain. I wanted to relate my IP address and the domain to have  
HTTPS. I would be able to do that in the a bit far future, I got a little bit  
used to use Apache2 and BIND9, but even if I was able to set HTTPS to my  
website, I realized then assert that I absolutely cannot maintain the server  
as a full libre and respect visitors's privacy thing. That's a (ethical)  
computer expert's job.

I am going to search for a reliable ethical web hosting service (I think  
there is no such a thing, though, at least in Japan) but I would appreciate  
it veryvery much if you could provide it, because mainly even just judging  
whether the service is reliable or not is very difficult, maybe impossible  
for me. Please contact me by Jami or email or introduce an ethical web  
hosting service to me. Thank you veryvery much.

Jami ID: 719f9f85f735440540b6d920cdc57eaad6831d3c

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