[Freedom-misc] Investing with Free Software

dhood at fastmail.com dhood at fastmail.com
Wed Jun 10 16:02:03 CEST 2020

Hi there,

Firstly, sorry your responses have been less than helpful. This is pretty  
normative in the "general" section, its sort of a troll lounge lite. Since  
you are asking about specific apps, while using free systems, I see no reason  
why such questions couldn't be in the main users sub.

The issue with a lot of stock trading software is that most casual investment  
platforms are now web based and heavily dependent on problematic javascript.  
That said, the FSF maintains an expansive list of freedom respecting  
applications of all types and there is a section for stocks :  

Like most folks here in the States my primary source of investment is through  
my retirement account, which unfortunately requires using one of the  
aforementioned websites with no option to use a freedom respecting front-end.  
Most of the apps available allow you to track the trades you wish to make,  
the bottleneck happens with actually making tradings. I don't know of any  
brokers that use free software to receive trade requests and to then process  
those requests. The only possible platform I know that has been at least  
"open sourced" is actually many of the tools Goldman Sachs uses, but I  
haven't taken a deep dive into the specifics. Their Github is here:  

With Bitcoin are you looking to speculate or simply have an avenue to obtain  
them? I strongly discourage people from speculating because the payout at  
this point isn't the kind of return that would warrant the risk, unless you  
have the capital to be a significant player. Bitcoin is great as an  
alternative currency though. To obtain it I generally encourage low fee and  
in person options such as a Bitcoin party or an atm.  

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