[Freedom-misc] Investing with Free Software

bobandrew at planetmail.net bobandrew at planetmail.net
Wed Jun 10 03:50:33 CEST 2020

I am not sure whether you will consider this to be relevant to your topic,  
but I have been investing in libre software for some time. This is a  
collective investment with a high ROI, given both the freedom it gives us  
back and the amount of licence fees we are sparing. Not all contribution  
channels are completely libre though, so one might be careful in the one they  
choose. Liberapay comes to mind but it is hosted on AWS and this happened:


It is also possible to invest in local community building and timebanks  
through CommunityForge. It is based on Drupal, which is GPLed, and they offer  
hosting services using their Drupal infrastructure. Their own effort is  
supported by donations transiting the banking system, though.

If you are more strictly referring to putting money in a box and getting some  
extra bucks back, the only option I see would be to get enough cash (though,  
as mentioned above, the banking system as a whole arguably relies of  
proprietary software), buy buildings or any kind of real estate in cash and  
sell it in cash when time comes. All that cash already sounds like some money  
laundering scheme, so maybe only gangsters can actually affort to invest such  
large amounts using free software only.

I guess the reason why you are not getting more useful answers is that there  
is none. The traditional, centralized banking and financial system is simply  
not interested in respecting your freedom.

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