[Freedom-misc] Software for advanced photographic image editing

msuzuqi at posteo.net msuzuqi at posteo.net
Tue Jun 2 19:55:32 CEST 2020

I agree. But this is not only his flaw. This is a flaw of the English  
language. For example, the word "advanced" has roughly three meanings (in  
detail, it has 16 meanings) from the WISDOM English-Japanese dictionary.

1. 先進[先端]的な. 最新の. 現代[進歩的]な; 先進の.  
    ex: the most advanced aircraft ever designed
    ex: (the) advanced industrial countries
2. 上級の. 高等の; 大学院レベルの
   ex: advanced degree
      ex: advanced students [learners]
3a. 進んだ. 前進した. 高い水準に達成した.
3b. 進行した. 末期の.
3c. 老年の
   ex: a person of advanced years [age] / a person advanced in years  

While Japanese language has each particular word for those respectively, the  
word "advanced" means those 16 meanings together by only one word,  
"advanced". We should re-define all this kind of English words to avoid this  
kind of trouble.
Like "advanceda", "advancedb", "advancedc"... or "advanced1", "advanced2"...  
"advanced16", etc. So he could have said like "Software for advanced2  
photographic image3 editing" then you would not have got mad at his flaw.  
This seems to be a very important issue than most people think. Since we must  
use English unfortunately. 

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