[Freedom-misc] youtube-dl through tor?

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Mon Jun 1 20:18:14 CEST 2020

 > I have never had an issue with Invidious instances

That is because there are human workers solving CAPTCHAs for pennies to keep  
the large Invidious instances working.

 > To my mind running an invidious instance would make sense if the instance  
serves many people. A single person running a single instance for the same  
single client is simply creating bloat on one's own machine (and still being  
connected to Google).

It's not for a single client.  It runs on my VPS, and I use it with multiple  
devices.  I am also beginning to share it with some other people, though I  
want to increase the amount of traffic slowly to see how much is possible to  
get away with getting flagged by Google.

 > What do you mean "my" use case? youtube-dl, avideo, hypervideo all do the  
same: download videos. What other use cases are there?

By "your use case" I mean downloading YouTube videos from a specific site (an  
Invidious onion instance) that is not supported by youtube-dl and probably  
only works at all with avideo as a side effect of YouTube support.  Other use  
cases are downloading videos from YouTube or from the numerous other sites  
that youtube-dl supports.  youtube-dl support for YouTube and these other  
sites breaks all the time due to API changes.  Only up-to-date versions of  
youtube-dl work reliably, so avideo is not better for these use cases.

 > If your goal is to simply avoid Youtube's JS perhaps you could rather use  
https://github.com/trizen/youtube-viewer as a client.

My goal is a more free and just society.  Avoiding YouTube's JS and tracking  
and (equally importantly) helping other people to do the same is a very small  
part of that.  I used to use and recommend youtube-viewer, but when Invidious  
was created switched to using and recommending that because it has fewer  
obstacles to adoption.  Exploiting virtual sweatshop labor does not result in  
a more free and just society, so when I learned that the large Invidious  
instances rely on this I began using my own instance.

 > Is it missing any features? Does it have any bugs which are fixed upstream?

Yes, many.  You can check the last several years of youtube-dl's commit  
history to see what has changed.  It sounds like these missing features and  
bugs have not impacted the way you use avideo though.  I only brought up the  
idea of reviving avideo because you said "Thanks for the info about  
hypervideo. It might be a better alternative as it seems kept up to date with  
the upstream version", which led me to think you might be interested in a  
more up-to-date avideo given that hypervideo did not work for you.

I'll check this thread again to see if you have any other comments, but I  
otherwise don't see a need to continue this discussion.  Your first comment  
answered the OP's question, and I only replied in order to understand why you  
reccommended avideo, which you have now explained.  Thanks.

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