[Freedom-misc] Need help choosing a free licence for my website

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Mon Jan 21 08:04:14 CET 2019

 > Free software supporters talk about users' freedoms, not developers'. They  
do not repeatedly point out that users can be developers, because it is  

It is relevant to freedoms 1 and 3. If no users of a program are developers,  
then users of the software cannot exercise freedoms 1 or 3, either as  
individuals or as a community. If free software supporters do not point this  
out often, then perhaps they are not asked to defend the usefulness of  
freedoms 1 and 3 as often as free culture supporters.

 > About public domain software: the law should force not only the proprietary  
program binaries (what was released in the first place) to enter the public  
domain but also the corresponding source codes. Otherwise, studying and  
modifying is unpractical and the reduction of the copyright term would mainly  
help proprietary software developers subjugate their users with the  
integration of ex-copylefted code that entered the public domain.

Yes, abolishing copyright would be a disaster for free culture and free  
software unless DRM were also eliminated and the public had access to the  
source code of published software. This could be enforced by law, or by a  
cultural shift toward rejection of software that lacks source code and  
information restricted with DRM. Neither is likely to happen in the near  
future, but neither is the abolition of copyright. A climate in which which  
copyright has a chance to be abolished is likely to also be hostile toward  
DRM and lack of source code.

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