[Freedom-misc] Need help choosing a free licence for my website

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Sat Jan 19 21:04:07 CET 2019

 > For CC BY-ND I watched the video provided by MagicBanana and RMS said for  
works that state a Viewpoint/Opinion we should use CC BY-ND, also in the fsf  
website and gnu.org they use CC BY-ND.

Yes, that is RMS's view, but not everyone agrees with him. He seems to  
believe that only freedoms 0 and and 2 are important for cultural works,  
whereas free culture advocates believe that all four freedoms are important.

He distinguishes between functional works that "do a job" and non-functional  
works that don't, and he does not think that all four freedoms are necessary  
for non-functional works. I disagree with the distinction. A cultural work  
does do a job, whether that job is to entertain, to inspire, or in the case  
of a work of opinion, to persuade.

The ND clause denies users freedom 1. RMS thinks that this is necessary in  
order to prevent works of opinion from being misrepresented. I don't have  
anything to add to the link jxself shared.

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