[Freedom-misc] What Would an Entirely Free Software World Look Like?

mason at masonhock.com mason at masonhock.com
Fri Jan 11 21:22:25 CET 2019

 > So given that according to you, all it takes to bring down socialism is a  
leadership change, why would socialism be immune to this in a country that  
has a leadership change at least every eight years?

Since you say "every eight years" I assume that by "leadership change" you  
mean the election of a new president. That's a more modest sort of leadership  
change, because there are many things that the president does not control.  
Even with his party in control of congress, Trump has been unable to  
negotiate many of the things he has wanted congress to do. Other things he  
has tried to do were declared unconstitional, which is something that neither  
he nor congress have a say in. A completely new economic system would be even  
harder for a president to implement. This doesn't mean that socialism or any  
other economic system would be immune to change, but there are some limits on  
how quickly and drastically such change could occur.

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